Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public IP Monit​or™ is a secure website that can be used to view your Public IP Address / WAN IP Address assigned by your ISP to your computer using DHCP when you don't have a static IP.  

Public IP Monitor™ is also an application, which you can configure to run in the background on a computer inside your network, and it will provide notifications when your IP Address changes, allowing you to continue having access to your network.

Why do I need to use it?

If you have ever needed to remotely connect to your home, office, or small business network and couldn't remember your IP address - or found that you couldn't connect because the IP had been changed by your ISP - Public IP Monitor will monitor your IP address and notify when in changes.  It can be scheduled to run every morning or every 10 minutes and send you an email with your IP address so you can regain access to your network.

Does it provide Dynamic DNS cloud service updates?

Yes, Public IP Monitor™ supports many of the common Dynamic DNS providers such as Cloudflare, Duck DNS, NameCheap, and deSEC.  If you'd like to use Public IP Monitor™ with another specific Dynamic DNS provider, please send us a message and we'll consider it.  We are also working on a generic provider option that will allow configuring your own Dynamic DNS provider settings.

What Operating Systems are supported? 

Currently, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the only supported Operating Systems as these are the only versions supported by Microsoft for security reasons.  

A cross-platform version is in development for a future release.

How much does it cost?

Our intent is to provide much of the functionality at no cost to end-users.  

Initially, a free trial will be available followed by low cost options with advanced functionality.  

What is my IP Address?

That is exactly what this Public IP Monitor was created for.

Click here to see your current IP Address.